2013 The last winter

Debut Novel 'The Last Winter’ also about the Razzia of Putten

De laatste winter
Since 15 March 2013 is the debut novel 'The Last Winter’ Femke Roobol, issued by Luitingh-Sijthoff, in stores. It's about ordinary people, trying to survive at the end of World War II. The book is set in part on in Amsterdam, in part in the Gelderland Putten, and partly in a German concentration camp. The people in her book have to deal with care for life, loss and grief, but also friendship, family and love.

The last survivor of the Razzia of Putten

Femke Roobol tells: “In juni 2012 I had met a very special man, Jannes Priem. He is a 18 year-old arrested in Razzia of Putten, has been in different camps and ended at the end of the war as a prisoner on a ship in Lübeck.
Even after the war, Jannes the heavy, he did not fit in the village where he had grown up. It made him decide never to tell about his war experiences. PAS to 50 year he came back on his decision, during a visit to Ladelund, a branch of the Neuengamme camp, where he has also been caught. It's a nice given that it is the Germans from the region where he has been through so much, have helped to open up to the outside world again him. His motto is "Forgiven, never forget ".
When I met him the first version of my book was ready, but Jannes, when 86 years, gave me much details, For example, about life in the concentration camp Neuengamme, who helped to articulate better a number of chapters in the book me, I am very grateful to him.

For the observant readers: my protagonist Anna met during the Raid briefly a young man, which cartridge cases hidden in the hay. The young man is Jannes Prime, he really shell casings for the Germans hiding during the Raid.”

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