2012 Weekkrant Wells

WELLS 30 May 2012 – Jannes Priem, the only returnees who are still alive from all the men in October 1944 be carried away, recently told his story in The Station to an intimate crowd, who was impressed by his story.

Jannes Priem vertelde voor een intiem publiek zijn indringende verhaal. Priem is nog de enige in leven die de razzia in Putten kan navertellen.

Priem is the only one alive who can recount the raid in Wells.

Priem, 86 year, now lives in Schoonhoven, where he visits schools to tell the story of the captivity and the harsh conditions in which they lived and worked in the camps. The meeting was organized by Michel Kooij, Together with the owners of The Station coffeehouse.

Jannes did not hesitate when Michel Kooij asked him at the station in Wells, where he 67 years ago was deported to Amersfoort, to tell his story. Another condition was that it would be an intimate gathering.
As a 18-year-old was Jannes 1944 arrested and 660 Wells Egyptians deported to Amersfoort. Once in Germany, he was in various camps. Back in Putten was difficult to tell his story. He was told that he exaggerated "because so much misery could a human being do not '. He flipped completely when someone close to him his story completely depowered.

Fifty years Jannes kept his teeth and was full of hatred and resentment. That changed during his visit in 1993 to Ladelund. The way he was received by the Germans, made him loose the realization that he could not blame these people what their parents had done to him.

He became, as he put it himself, freed for the second time and knew from then that he was going to open his mouth. Because if you can not forgive, denotes yourself in the way and you can not enjoy life. After Jannes had done his story, there was an opportunity for questions. "How is it possible to get back on track after so much misery ', someone asked himself. For Jannes was his unshakeable confidence in the Word. He was in his own words an angel on his shoulder and dragged him through the harsh conditions. When asked what message he wants to give to meditation, he replied: 'It is in life to reconciliation and forgiveness. If you can not reconcile with what has happened in the past, You can not forgive you and bogged down in negativity and hatred. "