2010 Lezing in De Aker

At the invitation of the Foundation October '44, by Pieter Dekker and Gert van Dompseler, Jannes tells his story for the first time in Wells and to the members of the foundation. For Jannes an important and additional laden evening. Gert and Pieter have a photo presentation and ask questions Jannes while he told his story between all. The room is remarkably quiet when the terrible experiences openly and emotionally by Jannes outlined. In the hall are many elderly people including many widows as a result of Raids. The story of Jannes is also the story of the men and sons they lost. After a lot of attention for Jannes and he is encouraging the shoulders beaten by the usually rigid Wells Aren. They do not really chat, this is the suffering still overweight. Jannes feels perhaps first recognized in Putten this evening.