2008 Meeting

In 2004 Marleen van Westing began her thesis on the children of Wells and the impact of the raid on them.

This has ultimately resulted in a book of the same title which the first copy was presented to Minister of Defence Eimert van Middelkoop.

Marleen was born in Putten. Her grandfather was here councilman, her father photographer. Only after her departure, she began to wonder if the raid is still alive in Putten. During the time they lived in Wells relatives never started on the raid. To get her question answered Van Westing interviewed eighteen children. Wells not only Egyptians but also people from other places whose father was deported. That was a big group, Van Westing have never received attention.

During her interviews found that many children now when the raid still on the retina is burned. Mothers sometimes concealed years for children that their father was arrested during the raid. In her book, Van Westing draw attention to all survivors of wars.

source: Wijnand Kooijmans, the Stentor, Friday 03 October 2008











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