2006 Gastles op De Rank

Of guest lectures in 2006 are only some pictures.

It is particularly how students, after Jannes’ have heard story, suddenly approach him as someone who feels familiar to them. They want an autograph from him in their booklet and as Jannes on photo.

In 2007 tells Jannes again to all elementary schools in his hometown Schoonhoven.

These recordings are of my own group 8 of that school. Were many parents and grandparents in the invitation come down here too. Such a meeting is actually very special because three generations listen to a particularly impressive story.

I always say how special it is that Jannes this story but also that we can hear. Just after the war could and wanted the grandparents do not talk about the war. Netherlands had to be built and time to consider them there was hardly. The parents therefore can not hear the story. As Jannes 50 year did not tell his own children. This means that the students are the first generation who came to hear the story gets, but it is also the last generation to hear it from the mouth of a survivor gets. Of this I do get goosebumps just!