2005 Ladelund


Commemoration of the victims of KZ Ladelund, Germany

On Sunday 13 November, Volkstrauertag (Remembrance Day) in Germany, I made this video and pictures below of Jannes during the commemoration of the victims of KZ (Concentration camp) Ladelund. As the only survivor of this camp Jannes laid a wreath at the mass graves behind the small white church of St. Petri-Kirche in Ladelund. There are 298 victims buried, including 111 men with the raid Wells were deported. Pastor Meijer in the war, risking his own life over again the bodies of the dead prisoners requested to camp commandant Hans Griem. Also, all the dead which he recorded after the war survivors in their quest their man, father, grandfather, son, could not find back. Jannes has a lot of family, friends and acquaintances lost.