2004 Memorial in Putten

On Saturday 2 October 2004 Wells was in the raid of sixty years ago commemorated.

I asked with Jannes Priem was this day on the way to Wells. He took me to all those memorable places which are so connected to the events of October 1944. The Oldenallerse bridge and the Reformed Church in the village. We walked along the route through the Dorpstraat, to the monument with the 600 boxes and the image of the widow of Wells. Comprehensive and critical we viewed the memorial room of the foundation October '44.

Slowly flocked other people within that Wells had also come specially for the commemoration. Jannes greeted this day many old friends from home- and abroad, including many guests from Germany. I met with the Mayor and Mrs Van Putten, who for years had been very involved with Jannes and his wife Thea, and the former pastor of the Reformed church with his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Van Capelle who were warmly.

Evening found the impressive memorial place. A service in the same church where 60 year before the first women with children and later the men were involved in the raid were arrested. Then the long trek to the monument. The many laying of wreaths and the music on this place. After many guests were in the village for several speeches and book presentations available.

The biggest impression on me Jannes itself, how it can be possible for a man who has been through in his life on a day like this 2nd of October this 2004 may be present.

Memorial Service in the Church

Commemoration at the monument



Radio Interview for TV Gelderland