Mourning for Wells

During the occupation of the Germans in October 1944 played drama in Wells (Gld.) because z.g.n. sabotage, where, besides the great destruction by arson, above 600 men lost their lives.

A moving experience Told in verse by J. de Lange
Published ca. 1945

Publisher G. Eikelboom & Zn. Heemstede
Roemer Visschersplein 1
Post Aerdenhout – Tel. 27900 - Postgiro 73407

Putten, quiet, clean located,
In heuv'lig Veluws country,
Is it most heavily infested,
The fierce conflagration,
Wells has deep experience
What is a world war,
The whole village is there a model
Lot of grief and sorrow.

Wells brought the heaviest sacrifice
Of our entire Homeland.
Nowhere has so severely beaten
The enemy's ruthless hand,
Scarcely a house, where no dead(n)
There regrets, yes a family
Had heard the sad news:
Zest, they turn not in.

Wells was as many places
Anti-Duits, and even very bright!
Very hated was the occupier
And so did this one.
Traitors was found there
All those years hardly.
Collaboration with the Nazis
Did not take place in this area.

Wells yearns for liberation,
They waited for that hour there
Spanningsvol, but what paid
It is the cause of freedom expensive!
Five September – ,,Dolle Dinsdag” –
Blowing the red-white-blue flag
Presently high of Puttens’ factors,
Risking the whole day.

The mandatory horse inspection
Wells was in good fails.
Where the people of tough Putters
Not for the occupier bends.
These and other things
Showed it clearly,
What a mind you there in Putten
Than ,,en bloc” was admitted dismissed.

T there Broeide already long, each
Knew something would geschien.
Was it a raid, or was it
Sometimes maybe even something worse?
Nobody knew the, eind September,
Was the conversation almost from the day,
Clean one no details
In the village saw happen.

On the night of 1 October
Was there something really bad happened.
Where to DIISSPPLLA’ a pair
High Germans left the life.
On the highway under Wells
Had an attack occurred
On a car, the full high
German officers was.

It was to do their papers
Was once told by.
Clean the true state of affairs
In The whole was not reported.
How they, it was called a
Two Nazi’ s were killed,
'T Was in' t disadvantage of Putten,
That never Nazi godly.

They went to the perpetrators search?
They searched diligently for their track?
In 'not at all, one can say:
There are for the Barbarians!
'T master race has methods
The show does, what ,,culture”
One finds there, but in Putten
Sculpting forms for the assessment period.

One is the peaceful Wells
Then liable for that act?
That is something, to which a Nazi
In the least advisable goes.
Putten Moet Zal but one penalty,
One will avenge this murder!
The innocent will bleed,
Vengeance is not no it people bekoort.

And, it will set an example,
How’ t a city, a village perishes,
'T Which hands on dares raise,
Woe to him, a Nazi stores!
T Hours of wrake has arrived,
The occupier is frantically.
For others it is an act of,
That soon Wells terrible bleeding.

Wherefore also broke 1 October 1)
For the Egyptians to Wells.
Sadly, it is then very many
On that Sunday there perish.
In a wide circle Wells was
Deposited by soldiers.
No one even suspected,
Quietly laughing one bed.

De divisie ,,Herman Goering”,
She visits took . . . . ,,civilization work ",
And there are these people,
To the hot, particularly strong!
Wells was sitting around as of
In a closed trap.
1 October was a day, the
The people will remember.

Tossed it like animals,
Because the removal is small.
Be Driven all,
'T Market will be the end.
Men on their farms,
Be expelled from.
With their sons driven,
There will not be asked to law!

Continuing but! – Looks, the ring is closely,
Who still onderduiken
Happy, but not many
Are able to do so then.
Who describes the anxiety and fear,
Who then spent Sunday morning?
The occupiers leave feeling:
On my side is the power!

Who can fathom what suffering there
For women endure,
When they as their men, zones,
If prisoners saw go?
,,To the Market!” is thundered,
Pop Shots, who do not do,
The resistance will pay dearly,
If necessary with his own blood.

In the village of the same scene,
Everything is abuzz.
Also there is on all sides
'T Their People now lurking.
With the aid of the police
Lures you all in the fall,
As one of the identity cards
,,Even” will check.

In the church, each coming,
See, what a nasty list!
For who does, he will experience,
He grievously mistaken.
It keeps things people there too caught,
In ambushed
Putters are the, the miracle
That many d’ adem one hundred karats?

It is still trying to escape,
But the enemy is frantically.
Pop Shots, Putten's Kerkplein
Colors are red with human blood.
d’ War Heroes, they march
Dapper Wells's streets.
Woe unto them!, who recommend their,
Now does not comply.

Het Sadism, the destructiveness
Read one of their tronies off.
They still will give Wells
An awful punishment.
House to house is examined, and
Their destructiveness celebrates free play.
The methods animal Germans
Did Wells also be.

Sick and also small children
Saving one, It still fits in their booth,
From that houses hangs a sign
A white sheet out the window.
Incomprehensible scenes
Have played there,
In the worst crooks
This town is now divided.

Apparently the Putters' t least
People what is happening on earth.
If one sees, how that Sunday
In that village acted.
Here, an example will be set:
Putten, it must be burned!
'T menfolk is enslaved,
Away from their own country.

That's the purpose of this Hunnen,
The guardians of culture,
Which it called for human rights
If necessary, walk through fire.
Men, women, old, boy,
His prisoners, school and church,
They are crowded now,
This is terrible Nazi work.

In the church are now women,
In the school it's menfolk.
Above their heads hangs
However, a dark black cloud!
For women this is still here
Not the worst cross,
Already at ten o'clock they may still
All home again.

On Monday, they may even come
To the school, they may then
For the men bring food,
Clean one can not believe.
What a horrible lie!
Never got the menfolk, what
Was brought, all that food,
Their People are sitting at the.

So rushed these days in order,
Many are full of fear and worry,
And one always wonders but occasionally:
Which brings us tomorrow?
Many brothers, men, zones,
Sit in the school, how will
The law expired for them?
So we now ask all.

For them, it is uncertain
What the new day reveals.
Many think that the worst
Them now befalls.
In the afternoon all be
Arranged there together.
It's called that now all judgment,
Irrevocable felled.

Because see three machine guns threatening
There's been suggested to.
Who describes what's inside
This nation has dealt?
Who can say what a voltage
It has caused them?
It applies here: Such a state can only
Strictly personally lived.

See, since they are all together
In the face of death.
Hundreds will fall here,
By killing the enemy lead?
Are there sometimes supplications
To the Lord merged?
Called one in that place the Lord,­
If a flow of water even to?

Oh, who will be the fear gauge,
Who have lived there!
What is the creature void,
If it has the face of death.
But the Lord was longsuffering,
How the enemy threatens and rages,
He has all these men,
Some even die for contraception.

He gave there yet relief,
Oh, void instrument
Is even such a brutal ruler,
T Sentence was still turned.
For Monday – 2 October
One was deported.
Amersfoort would it end goal being,
While that was not reported,

However, they went first 't curdle,
Some even come free:
Traitors, N.S.B. ers,
So men of the party!
Six times a hundred and fifty,
Had this long procession,
The, o indescribable spectacle,
Through the village must march.

They're four hundred fifty Putters,
Which can be seen in the procession.
Furthermore, two hundred other men,
Most g’ evacuated Liên,
Even people from the periphery,
Sometimes stayed in Wells,
Or coincidence vertoevend,
Have medegemarcheerd.

All had been caught yet,
"What we found there yesterday,
No, here as foreign toefde,
Was it, that one home health.
This march. by d’ old residence,
Turned out to be a death march,
A very sad spectacle,
Vienna saw one large and small.

Later we saw how Wells
Was terribly violated.
Because there are more than a hundred houses
By the beast laid in d’ as.
This was also one of the means,
Which Wells was punished.
Thus' t people of the Barbarians,
Procures right in Putten.

Looting and vandalism
They committed, much was destroyed.
So many in Putten
Almost no furniture overshield.
Moved on these men
In Amersfoort.
Nothing was after this Monday
The most heard.

Death March – so there may be mentioned
This journey to the camp there.
Men, sun, young guys,
Eighteen to fifty, year.
'T Was in Amersfoort still tolerable,
Own clothes loved one to.
Rode Kruispakketten Kreeger but,
.But that would’ t not keep going!

It Took so to eleven October,
When a new transport began,
T Go to t camp in Neue Gamme,
Where it is terrible for many.
After four days of traveling, we
In that martelkamp.
Without food, without drinking,
So it's happened to them on a journey.

But Hong had, but the food
That one got there in the camp
Was so dirty that one the first time refuses,
Even though their stomach much empty.
Shaven were all,
Furthermore delousing, and in the bath.
Was taken from what one
Even before value was carrying.

It did not get more d’ own clothes,
But very old rags to.
So we had to, though it was only briefly,
In this beulskamp life.
Strenger everything would still be,
We went here on transport.
The stay in Neu-Gamme
Lasted for deez’ men short.

Husum, the purpose of the trip now,
'T was once vliegerskamp.
This continuous transport
Was already a disaster for many.
Husum was a very strict labor,
Beulskamp of the worst kind.
With the aim of: be destroyed,
'T No part of their civilization.

Many have died there,
Because it was more Nazis purpose.
Will be starved warden,
Here one has no sympathy.
Yet they still slept there on beds,
Clean a bed for one person,
There was slept by two men,
There was something very ordinary.

Crammed into goods wagons,
Had to travel to work.
Here also died very many,
Not everyone was strong.
With the bat hit one thing challenge
Eighty men in a wagon.
So that then the blows,
Afterwards almost could not walk.

Then we walked through a meadow,
About locks, fences, there
Stood at one narrow boards
The truncheon ready.
'T Beestmens demonstrated here due,
How one can reduce.
Who at work but just rested,
Who received heavy blows over.

Husum lasted only ten days,
Again, one vert rans ported.
Ladelund one andere fight,
Were 't target, their suffering vermeerdt.
Ladelund one animal suffering,
Lying at the Danish border.
Ladelund was far worse,
It was untenable for man.

So it was widely spread now,
Many do not see each other again.
And mortality by d’ misery,
She is growing more and more.
Little food, very hard,
That 's system of the Germanic.
In marshy ground had to be there
In the winter start digging.

It was cold, and almost no clothes
Had these wretches to.
Always had one with wet feet,
Hours in mud.
Only one shirt was what one had to,
Dry clothes did not get one.
No water for washing,
Many who 't let life.

Unleashed crooks had
As the lead in the camp.
And this was for the prisoners,
Still d’ heaviest disaster.
Were these people executioners?
More resembled z’ in an animal.
In the torture of prisoners
They had intense pleasure.

Five of five had to walk there,
Because they went arm in arm to his work.
Barefoot through mud puddles,
No one felt more strongly.
Had to walk through puddles.
In barakken, to the ground,
Only some straw, so they usually slept,
Where they found dead daag'lijks.

Ill if one is never being,
Such men hit it to work.
The animal abuse people,
Oh, she knew pole or restrictions.
Collapsed one by weakness whatsoever
Sometimes it works often in each other,
Now was one of the executioners
With a thick bat ready.

Wie na ‘t beulen nóg bleef liggen
That was not considered sick,
Zulkeen was, – it lasted only briefly –
To carers to familiarize.
The barracks before the sick
Equipped, was often the end.
Diarrhoea prevailed in many,
Their set was undermined.

So who still lived there wretches.
Ladelund it was a camp,
Where very many died,
The stay there was a disaster.
Is Ladelund along an indictment,
Against’ t entire German people.
Hundreds, even from Putten,
Plunged it into a pity vortex.

Weeks came, weeks went,
Their number, the very dilute.
Few of the exiles
Were there in life more.
Because it beulendom of the Nazis
Not known before peace,
For many Egyptians Wells
Had shed in deepest ellend.

Wells himself, it looked anxiously
Forward to bevrijdingsuur.
But unfortunately, It has been found:
It pays freedom expensive.
Were gloomy posts,
Kamp and fight nerd afgezocht,
Or even here and there a few
If animal life prisoners.

But unfortunately, the second d 'other
Turned out to be then already killed.
Mourning prevails in Putten,
Sadness at large and small.
Men, fathers, zones, brethren,
Let it live from home,
Far from their beloved buildings,
Wells shall be 't heaviest cross.

Of which over six hundred and fifty,
Returned only forty again.
The others had to hear it:
All these are not.
And those who have returned and
Its so decrepit, that
It almost did not recognize them,
Nobody had forces.

Others have been maimed,
Fear Corpse such abuse!
Where so many Nazi villain yet,
Indulged them.
Two, three, Four of a family sometimes,
Died, What a stroke!
Where even a family in Wells,
Six did not return.

Almost forty widows
In one street, this does show,
How many people in the camps
Deep miserable perish.
Mourning prevails in Putten,
Scarcely a house or there
Is a dead regrettable,
Lord's Hand, they were hard pressed.

How are aiming kan, who can feel
The lived soul sorrow,
If one places much empty
In this village there Veluws see.
Vele bitter smartetranen,
Wells are already wept.
Because that was rarely a property
By still hopeful news gladdened.

Mothers they learned it rarely,
That her husband is still alive,
Or that one of their sons,
It has since endured.
Hitler's Germany with his Nazis,
It showed a regime,
So that people in ancient times
Only when Nero is.

They, the carriers, the protectors
Of civilization, blood and race,
Demonstrated by their conduct,
What a spirit there was predominant.
Wells mourns, that sad tidings
Was soon widely known,
The Queen, 's Lands Mother,
They learned of deez’ elIend.

She also is after the liberation
Dra went to Wells.
She also has this way
Something Wells's suffering means.
In so plagued Wells,
They also spent a short visit
When a sick, she sat down
At the bedside of Oosterbroek.

He was by the cruel one enemy
In the spinal cord affected.
And was horrified that act also,
Blamed by the Queen.
Wells mourns, It will continue to mourn,
Who will heal this wound?
Who fills this empty place,
So numerous that they found here?

May God comfort the Lord,
As He can only comfort.
He, the Father of orphans,
He may be the weeuwen Man.
He pours’ balm to the wounds,
He can comfort, He only.
We, we are only vain comforters.
He can comfort like no.

Putten, it is heavily infested,
Are we better than that lien?
The, died in foreign,
Never see their homes again?
Once spoke the Lord Jesus:
Zo g’ repent, very well
Hear this now your verdict:
Thou shalt hold thing perish.

1) 1944