Station Putten

Of all registrations of Jannes’ I find this the best story …

WELLS – It was a special moment Sunday, when still only survivor of the raid in Wells, the 86-year-old Jannes Priem, after 68 year was back on Wells Station. In the salon station he told the audience what happened to him at the time. His horrific experiences in the concentration- and labor camps shocked and was touched by the numerous public.

By Jeanne Dijkstra

Jannes seemed outwardly calm when he talked about the beatings and inhumane treatment by the Kapos in the camps. However, a TV documentary 1993 on his return to his' worst’ camp Ladelund, where within six weeks 111 Putten of the men died of the hardships and abuse, showed the opposite see. In the meadow where the barracks once stood and where Jannes had to dig trenches, Jannes burst into tears. Here came all over his emotions. A time when everyone in the station salon touched to the depths.
Jannes outlined his journey from Wells to Camp Amersfoort, where he was harvesting potatoes, to Neuengamme, where he is stark naked from top to bottom was shaved. After Husum-Schwesing, where he had to dig tank traps. Then to Ladelund, where the jaw of John was beaten because he broke something against his (later killed) brother said. Back to Neuengamme, where Jannes had to work in the brick factory and truck (dumper trucks) a ramp had to push. After two weeks in the brick factory to Bergen-Belsen where he had to pick up to bring the dead to the crematorium. From there he was transported by train from Neuengamme to Lübeck where, during the bombardment 7300 of the 9400 prisoners on the boats were killed. Similarly, the brother of Jannes. Back in Putten was no compassion and historians in Wells called him a liar because he did not have all the data exactly in his memory. A watch or calendar since he had not possessed in the camps where people were treated like animals. This misunderstanding of people who had not experienced the war in the camps, made Jannes 50 years has been silent. As a human being he had entered the barracks and number as he returned. His return to Ladelund in 1993, where he was received with open arms,’ made Jannes started talking again. Sunday, 20 May, 68 years after his horrific journey from the station Wells, he told his story about 'Forgiven, never forget’ to Wells Egyptians who wanted to hear it and like.

The Putte To Michel Kooij made it possible Jannes Priem could tell his story at the station in Wells.