Jannes Priem is one of the few men from Wells, after the liberation of 1945 from the German concentration camps in their hometown have returned. He reports on his arrest by the German soldiers, early October 1944 an attack of the Dutch resistance ruthless revenge on the Putten population. They crossed the village on fire and carried the men off to German concentration camps. Priem paints his suffering in the concentration Ladelund and in other camps until his miraculous rescue after the bombing of the ships prisoners in the Lübeck Bay in early May 1945. Jannes Priem finally let us sympathize, how difficult the subsequent years of silence were before him, before he 1992 in Ladelund if it were his second liberation experience was.

His “Memoirs of a returned” published in Dutch in-house in 1995 at the commemoration of the liberation. They are the hallmark of the late-found freedom by Jannes Priem, to talk about what happened. As a personal testimony, the text value. Historical scientific annotations or linguistic interventions are therefore our view out of the question. The text was the only reissue which reduced; a manifest error by the writer was tacitly corrected.

"Forgive - Never Forget"
Jannes Priem

Published by: Parish St. Petri in Ladelund

Jörn-Peter Leppien
Chief Scientist of the exhibition "Concentration Ladelund 1944"













Priem Jannes en Harald Richter in Ladelund, September 2012