This website tells the incredible story of Jannes Priem. He was the longest living returned the Razzia of Putten (1944). Jannes lived much of his life in the South Holland Schoonhoven. He was a living witness of the Raids and consequences. Thursday morning 22 August 2013 died Jannes.

As a boy he lived in the village of Putten on the Veluwe where he 10 December 1925 was born. There were German soldiers 1 October 1944 a major raid. Jannes was eighteen years old …

The story tells what terrible things in the war Jannes has experienced. It also tells how it could come after a long time still a little good. Jannes feel that fifty years after this war really liberated.

Just after the war did the people do not hear terrible stories. It made them too much pain, if they could not believe or were angry because he had come back and not their own family. Jannes is therefore closefolded.

More than fifty years later Jannes his story still to tell. Hij deed dat vooral graag aan leerlingen van de basisscholen. With an important theme: Forgive – never forget


Raid in Putten

I was on 1 October 1944 (after the attack on a German officer and the reprisals that followed) arrested along with my brother P.J. Morren on the border of Wells and Nykerk, with a farmer bottom of the box bed in the living room. We were with the bayonet removed from the bedstead, and then we had some 5 km walk with heavy machine guns drums on the shoulders trudging, to the village where we were put against the wall of the church. There were already 6 at 7 people. We heard there that when they 11 or 12 subjects had, this would then be executed. Fortunately, it did not come that far.

660 Wells Egyptians were arrested and taken away this day.

Concentration Camp Amersfoort

All were taken to the concentration camp Amersfoort. During our trip to the station we had to always lie down on command and error; as the train was ready and we were like cattle loaded. In Amersfoort, we still have potatoes harvesting the first few days and never was checked, So I had in my pocket three potatoes, hoping that there was no control. But unfortunately it was there that night or checked, so I had bad luck. I'm right with a bat on my head I had and as punishment 3 days in the “Rosary” seated. That is a circular arc of barbed wire, about 5 at 6 meters long, only the last part was such 1,5 meters long, there was some straw on the ground you could lie and 3 times daily then entered the camp executioner, “Kotella” called, and then you had to crawl on your knees come forward and say five times: “I will not steal”, then again you got the necessary caning and then you had to crawl back again and that has lasted three days. Then I had to go back to work, this was my first contact, but I was broken on the wheel when I came out again.

59 Wells Egyptians were released in Amersfoort.
13 men jumped out of the train on the way to Germany and survived this wonderfully.

Neuengamme concentration camp

On 12 October 1944 we were put on transport are all, but no one knew where, and after much delay, we are 14 October 1944 arrived in the concentration camp Neuengamme. There we were welcomed by a music band that the song “Alte Comrades” played for us, this song and I will never forget. With bats were we released the wagons and sent to the parade ground, because there had to be held back appeal.

Of the more than 106.000 inmates were more than 55.000 to.

Concentration Ladelund

We were loaded into cattle cars and arrived at the station Achtrup, and hence it was still such a 7 at 8 km walk to Ladelund. Here it was also hard work, many beatings and little food and drink. The alloy was also very poor, here are many Egyptians Wells deceased. Fortunately, these are the hands of Pastor Meyer buried in a cemetery, they were well laid in a sepulcher, and we know the names, place and the country where they came from. I got there at night are also crying in pain and cried and prayed please or. could soon be over. Luckily after six weeks this past HEL, because the work was done, So we went back to Neuengamme with all the survivors, including many sick and some are also deceased during transport.

Of the more than 2.000 inmates were more than 300 to.

Concentration camp Bergen-Belsen

After 2 having worked in the brickworks weeks we are with yet another 250 man deported in cattle cars to the death camp Bergen-Belsen. Here we have to sleep on some rotten straw on the ground, and with 4 man under a blanket that smelled like an hour in the wind, lice saw you walking so. Airing could not you, so you had to just lie down under; within a short time was your self under those big lice, had everywhere you itching and scratching when you went you had as much or some of those lice address. It was horrible. In a word, this really was a death camp, many inmates are there too succumbed to these states. Luckily I was able to survive with help from Above it all.

In Bergen-Belsen have such 120.000 people imprisoned.
Just before the liberation destroyed all registration.

The Thielbek, 3 May 1945

In the last week of April 1945 we had, who were left, urgently transport, because the British were coming, So we were back in cattle cars (beast wagons) thrown. We then via Neuengamme, where prisoners were loaded also, where we went to Lübeck in Lübeck-turn on various ships lying there, thrown or kicked were banged up there. I sat on Thielbek with Mr van den Berg, also to Putte. This was the 3rd time I met him: first in Husum, then in Neuengamme in the kitchen and then back on the boat in the Lübeck-turn. Several ships have sailed the harbor and sunk. The Thielbek which we were, received a direct hit, very few have survived. Few are rescued by the Swedish Red Cross from the water or from the side, exactly how it's gone, I can not remember. I do know that when I opened my eyes, no more soldiers saw, only people with a Red Cruciate to the arm, So thank God we were really saved, also Mr. van den Berg was saved.

Of the 5000 caught on the Cap Arcona have such 500 people survived the disaster.
Of the 2000 caught on the Thielbek were such 300 people rescued.

Return to Netherlands

When we arrived in Sweden, we were brought to a hospital in the town of Trelleborg there to gain strength. I weighed only 30 kg and I was 19 year, we were lined with tiny bits at the beginning, because if it was going too fast, then you do not survived, so it should be easy staged. They have spoiled our good. After four or five weeks we were taken to a convalescent home or shelter to further strengthen, the town was called Rädsbrün, about 25 or 30 miles from Trelleborg. End of August, early September 1945 we are all loaded with suitcases stuffed with clothes left to Netherlands. When my weight was another 65 kg.

There were 23.000 military casualties and 112.000 civilian casualties in Netherlands.

Homecoming in Putten

When I arrived in Wells and came home, I saw that everything was still with the old, so I was over the moon. Many days after I came home, I have many questions and some with no need to answer yes, that was for me a very hard time. This went so far that I was called a liar, because another returnee who previously was home, I had one who said he was deceased, seen even in another camp. From that moment I closed and then let me also to see anyone more, this did for me anymore.

8 people were shot during the raid.
5 deceased men shortly after they had returned home.
Of the 600 Wells deported Egyptians returned there after the war only 48 back.
The raids Wells took so eventually 553 Wells innocent Egyptians life.