Forgive – Never forget 4

In the last week of April 1945 we had, who were left, urgently transport, because the British were coming, So we were back in cattle cars (beast wagons) thrown. We then via Neuengamme, where prisoners were loaded also, where we went to Lübeck in Lübeck-turn on various ships lying there, thrown or kicked were banged up there.

I have to Thiel Beck sat with Mr van den Berg, also to Putte. This was the 3rd time I met him: first in Husum, then in Neuengamme in the kitchen and then back on the boat in the Lübeck-turn.

Several ships have sailed the harbor and sunk. According to the Germans by the Allied air force, according to what I have seen, by the German Air Force, because if a ship port output, then you could see that becoming a big-Spido boat with two men on board export and later saw the same boat you come back with such 12 man on board, is this not suspicious?!

The Thiel Beck which we were, received a direct hit, very few have survived. Few are rescued by the Swedish Red Cross from the water or from the side, exactly how it's gone, I can not remember. I do know that when I opened my eyes, no more soldiers saw, only people with a Red Cruciate to the arm, So thank God we were really saved, also Mr. van den Berg was saved.

When we later heard that we went to Sweden was, the joy even greater. When we arrived in Sweden, we were brought to a hospital in the town of Trelleborg there to gain strength. I weighed only 30 kg and I was 19 year, we were lined with tiny bits at the beginning, because if it was going too fast, then you do not survived, so it should be easy staged. They have spoiled our good.

After four or five weeks we were taken to a convalescent home or shelter to further strengthen, the town was called Rødsbrøn, about 25 or 30 miles from Trelleborg. End of August, early September 1945 we are all loaded with suitcases stuffed with clothes left to Netherlands. When my weight was another 65 kg. When I arrived in Wells and came home, I saw that everything was still with the old, so I was over the moon.

Many days after I came home, I have many questions and some with no need to answer yes, that was for me a very hard time. This went so far that I was called a liar, because another returnee who previously was home, I had one who said he was deceased, seen even in another camp. From that moment I closed and then let me also to see anyone more, this did for me anymore.

Well I'm still been several times in van den Berg, We talked a lot about everything we had experienced.

One day there was a letter inside of the War Department for the inspection of my military service, I first thought: who have gone mad, but I went for the inspection and was promptly approved, I only had 2 dried lung buds.

“Oh, that will pass in the heat”, said the doctor who adopted me, but so far I walk along there. We have tried everything to get through petitions on this service, but I was already on the boat to the Dutch East Indies then had to be bunkered in Port Said, and a telegram from the War Department for me was with the Communication: “Petition rejected, good luck”, So there I could do it with you.

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