Forgive – Never forget 3

I have ‘ night also are crying from the pain and shouted prayers or while. could soon be over. Luckily after six weeks this past HEL, because the work was done, So we went back to Neuengamme with all the survivors, including many sick and some are also deceased during transport.

I had my foot to the Neuengamme camp doctor arrived, because I had Ladelund a wound sustained and swore, maggots crawled out and festering, my foot was swollen. When I arrived at the doctor, He looked at the wound, He took a small penknife, held it over a flame and scratched it the wound clean, and when the blood came through there, he stuck a piece of paper and said,: “Tomorrow you can work again.” Fortunately, I was put to work in the kitchen so my foot could rest. Here I worked for about ten days and then had a big team started clearing rubble in Hamburg, there are also many people died in the bombing. When the bombs fell we had to keep working and monitoring was in coverage, but as, that they could continue to see us always. Flights so there was not here at. Here I worked fourteen days and was then transported to Meppen-Versen.

The monitoring was smoother than in the previous camps here, these were mainly people from the navy who had been injured and for further recovery instructions to do this work. Here were the traitors among the prisoners, and receiving for their betrayal an extra piece of bread and one that he had betrayed, got an extra beating with the bat Kapo’ s or the guard who was near. Sometimes it was so bad that there were deaths in.

There was a Dutch prisoner who also later did. He was named Whistler, because if he saw that something happened that could not pass muster, then he started up from a pile of sand, to whistle on his fingers and that was for us the sign of watch out, because in a trice were the guardians of the present Kapos present and then you could hear the blows fall and you could hear them screaming in pain.

Here I have some 7 spent weeks, I'm here to see die a lot of people, certainly including Wells Spikes, but who they are I do not remember exactly. We then went back with a group of people to Neuengamme and I had to go to work after a few days in the brickworks that was in the camp, This was very hard work, and many here has also been killed.

You had three or four men loaded a truck with heavy wet clay pushing up a steep slope, and where you ran were all that great embers, many people there tripped over and then you were clubbed down mercilessly, and there they were immediately ready to edit your continued with bats, repeatedly until life was beaten out.

During this period, we were witness to 10 Belgians had to depend on each other, the last was hanged by an SS. These people worked committed in a weapons factory and they sabotage the running of guns that were made there, because several cases were during the firing blown apart. Luckily I also had again a large dose of luck, and thanks to God I have been able to survive this.

After 2 having worked in the brickworks weeks we are with yet another 250 man deported in cattle cars to the death camp Bergen-Belsen. Here we have to sleep on some rotten straw on the ground, and with 4 man under a blanket that smelled like an hour in the wind, lice saw you walking so. Airing could not you, so you had to just lie down under; within a short time was your self under those big lice, had everywhere you itching and scratching when you went you had as much or some of those lice address. It was horrible.

Everyday we had to make several barracks with a cart to load up all the dead and then bring them to the crematorium, where they were burned, this went from’ s morning 8 to’ evening half past five. Then did you evening roll call and that sometimes lasted for hours and you stand there in all weathers until you got eight o'clock you eat and then you were the SS and Kapos smashed the barracks again and you could like it sat, to rest, because if the camp commander had a bad temper, then you were ‘ night also look uitgeknuppeld for another appeal, sometimes in a snowstorm or in the pouring rain, to the harsh cold had you used, so that we no longer felt, there was hardy in your.

In a word, this really was a death camp, many inmates are there too succumbed to these states. Luckily I was able to survive with help from Above it all.

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